Chief Executive Officer

Career Development & Conferences

SNA’s Career Development & Conferences Center is responsible for all SNA research, program evaluation support, career and professional development content creation, conference and event logistics management and educational design. The Center also oversees the LEAD to Succeed™ grant, develops content and prepares trainers for content dissemination. The work of the Center falls into three primary buckets: event logistics, research and content creation.

You can reach out to this Center for questions about:

Jennifer Lewi, MBA, CAE, ACC

Sara Kilkenny, CAE

Headshot of Sarah Youssef

Sarah Murphy Youssef, MS

Donovan Lessard, MA

Markita Bullock

Jordan Mathalon

Alex Martinez

Chiquita Johnson

Finance & Administration

SNA’s Finance & Administration Center is responsible for the finances of the School Nutrition Association and School Nutrition Foundation. The Center also oversees office logistics and services.

You can reach out to this Center for questions about:

  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • W-9 requests

Kimberley Williams

Diego Silva

Tina Vu

Governance & Strategy

SNA’s Governance & Strategy Center is responsible for the implementation of the Association’s strategic plan, DEIA strategy and governance initiatives. The Center also develops and supports information technology and human resources activities inside the organization and strengthens relationships through volunteer engagement and state affiliate relations.

You can reach out to this Center for questions about:

Rhea Steele, FASAE, CAE, ODCP

Marcelo Esquivel

Casie Bussink

Jovon Harrison

Government Affairs & Media Relations

SNA’s Government Affairs and Media Relations Center is responsible for the Association’s Federal legislative affairs, including all program planning for the annual Legislative Action Conference, grassroots advocacy, state legislative/regulatory monitoring, the SNA Action Network and the SNA Political Action Committee (PAC). The Center also oversees media/public relations, including SNA Spokesperson training, press inquiries/interviews, media campaigns, policy positions and other initiatives.

You can reach out to this Center for questions about:

Headshot of Cathy Schuchart

Cathy Schuchart

Diane Pratt-Heavner

Nadia Davis

Marketing, Communications & Industry Relations

SNA’s Marketing, Communications & Industry Relations Center is responsible for the development and implementation of the Association’s marketing, communications and editorial strategies and products, in addition to establishing and fostering industry relations and partnerships.

You can reach out to this Center for questions about:

Danielle Baron, MA, MBA, FASAE, CAE

Kelsey Casselbury

Nita Artis, CMP, DES

Crystal Harper-Pierre, CEM

Patricia Alatrista

Erica Fisher

Heidi Funkhouser

Lindsay Lewis

Mari Brand

Sherry Carrigan, CAE

Membership & Credentialing

The Membership & Credentialing Center actively promotes membership and provides member services for SNA's 50,000+ Operator, Industry and Allied members. This center is responsible for the Service Center (which responds to Member’s phone and email inquiries), membership database and the School District Membership Program. This center also oversees the Certificate in School Nutrition and School Nutrition Specialist (SNS) credentialing program.

You can reach out to this Center for questions about:

Headshot of Laura Maynard

Laura Maynard

Headshot of Dion Dears

Dion Dears

Erin Cohn

Terri Jackson-Butts

Derrick White

Elena Cisneros

School Nutrition Foundation

The School Nutrition Foundation (SNF) is the charitable arm of the School Nutrition Association, with an independent board of directors made up of school nutrition directors and industry partners. SNF is committed to identifying and supporting school nutrition research, trends and innovations; sharing best practices with the school nutrition community; and providing scholarships to SNA members for professional development and continuing education

You can reach out to this Center for questions about:

Arlisa Britt