Many organizations, groups and policymakers are focused on ensuring America’s children have access to healthy and nutritious meals. SNA members are on the frontline of the battle against hunger and are the experts on how to run nutrition programs. It is no surprise that many consider SNA members as experts in this area and rely on them for advice and insight. This site is geared to empowering the membership on how to best advocate for their programs at the grassroots and state level.

Here you will find guides on how to create a positive message, moving forward positive legislation, best practices and how to best respond to problematic policies. Many of these can also be used at the more local, grassroots level as well.

Tools and Tips

If you need any further guidance or assistance, please contact SNA’s Government Affairs & Media Relations Center at (703) 824-3000.

State Affiliate Advocacy Resources

Advocacy forms a central pillar of the Association’s strategic goals. Policy makers, school officials and parents all rely on school nutrition professionals as the authority for designing and funding school meal programs. Make a big impact by positioning your state association as the voice for school meals in your community.